Crochet Teething Necklace

$ 9.99 $ 24.99

We are excited to offer you these Crochet Teething/Nursing Necklaces from our exclusive Hipster Babys line!

These crochet necklaces are the latest in teething necklaces for our amazing Mommies! They are designed with special attention to breastfeeding mothers and their babies. When babies reach the ages of 3-4 months, they become active discoverers of their surroundings and they often like to pinch, scratch, and yank on mom’s hair, breast and common jewelry pieces while breastfeeding. The nursing necklace prevents mom from getting hurt and her favorite jewelry from being broken.

Using a nursing necklace is also a good way to encourage your baby’s cognitive abilities as the colors stimulate visual development. Different textures and sizes, moving parts, and crocheted pieces help to develop fine motor skills.

Nursing necklaces are great for anyone who will be feeding baby while mom is away. The crochet beads greatly absorb mom's smell, and baby feels more settled and secure, thinking mom is close by.

Nursing necklaces are designed to tie with a knot as this is the most safe and reliable connection. The crochet wooden beads are threaded onto a grosgrain ribbon to make the necklace strong and adjustable.

W A R N I N G ! Never leave the nursing necklace alone with a baby as it is a choking and strangulation hazard. Regularly check the necklace for early detecting of parts that could easily be chewed or snapped off.

Wash by hand in warm water.

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