Flower Smartphone Ring Holder & Stand

$ 5.99 $ 19.99

Our collection of amazingly hip Flower Smartphone Rings are perfect for our Hipster Gal on the go!  They add that extra hipster vibe to your smart phone while allowing you to have a better grip on it!  Perfect for our busy gals who need an extra hand!  

And one of the best parts of this ring is it can be used to dock your phone in different positions!  It's a stylish approach for smartphone docking!

To remove the smartphone ring, simply put a small amount of water on it and remove it.  Be sure to only get the adhesive pad wet!

The rotating ring is made for long term use and is not loose.


- Smartphone ring & holder

- Smartphone docking

- PC & metal

- 360° rotating metal ring

- 180° movable ring

- Removable 3M adhesive pad, will not damage your phone

- 4 colors

- 4 colors

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