Fruit Contact Lense Kit | 8 Styles

$ 7.99 $ 24.99

Our stylishly hip Contact Lens Care Kits are made for our hipster gals!  They are designed to go everywhere you go.  They are perfect for home, traveling, to throw in your purse, gym bag, backpacks, beach bag... just about anywhere you would need them!  Their stylish compact design, fun colors and practicality are simply the best!


- Acrylic case

- 2.3" wide by 2.8" long by 0.75" deep

- Contact lens case marked R and L

- Small plastic tweezers

- Small plastic stick with rubber end 

- One bottle for your contact solution

- Molded partitions inside to keep items secure and in place

- Mirror to assist with changing lenses

- Secure snap locking clasp