Oversized Vintage Coin Purse

$ 7.99 $ 29.99

Our beautiful collection of Vintage Coin Purses are a MUST have this season!  The outside is made out of a vintage peony cotton canvas print and the inside is lined with a sweet floral cotton print!  And the best part is the sweet crochet lace that incircles the opening of the purse!  Or maybe it's the bronzed vintage kiss lock frame?  We think the entire purse is simply amazing!  

It is OVERSIZED and much larger than your average coin purse!  It can hold credit cards, lipsticks, hair accessories......the list is endless!  It is perfect to throw into your purse, backpack, beach bag, gym bag and great for keeping all your possessions in one place.



- 5" long x 4.6" high x 2.75" wide x 4.3" deep

- Bronzed vintage kiss lock frame

- Vintage cotton canvas peony print on the outside

- Sweet cotton floral print on the inside

- Crochet lace detailing

- 5 colors